Keith Symes Founder Member of Strawkites

When I was young, I can remember my mum playing the piano and some of her brothers played various instruments, so I think that’s what started me on my musical journey.

I remember one day on television, I saw and old film called the “Glen Miller Story” and was so taken back, when by a pure accident, one of his members in the band hurt his lip, so he couldn’t play, and Glen substituted a different instrument in the part, and he realized he had found the sound he had been searching for all that time. The fact that his music still lives on today, years after his plane vanished during the second World War, while going to a troop concert in France, has always stayed with me.
I have been searching for a sound ever since then. Along came Pink Floyd and I was hooked.

I believe that music is like a picture painted in sound, and when combined with video, it can become very powerful.
I started on guitar and later on with the advancement of technology, I started playing keyboards composing and making my own recordings and now videos.
If I really enjoy a piece of music, it gives tears to my eyes and a tingle on my neck. I would love to compose a track that could do that to other people

The Strawkites have been around for a while now but only present line up since Georgia Paris American singer songwriter joined in 2015 and Jason Walker joined Keith in Oct 2016
Keith Plays Guitar Keyboards writes tracks records and makes videos to the music
Georgia Paris is on vocals and if track requires creates the lyrics to our music
Jason Walker plays Guitar and co writes with Keith and Georgia

The one thing we all have in commom is as i previously said we are all big pink floyd fans we all find it a great honour that people say we are like pink floyd we dont want to copy Pink Floyd
but love that style of music and want to establish a Strawkite style in that genre

We have our own web site
Free music downloads at
Videos at
and instagram symes.keith

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