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hi guys ,i am going to change the show, reason most of you do not stick to the requirements so i have decided to change it ,
i am going to do a chart show for seperate genres the first one will be Rock ,
How it will work will be this ,
Max first show of 36 tracks ( you choose your own track and send in mp3 to there will be 5 independent judges that will drop that down to 20 ,each of the 20 selected or judged track will be posted on our platform then it is up to you to let your fans know it is on there ,2 weeks of voting by your fans etc will give us a top 20 and the winner will be released as a single worldwide through Surgery Records
1st one will be this tuesday and it will be ROCK so wantto be on it follow the instructions in this post and i look forward to doing this
Dr John
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Hi Guys /Gals,we promised you an announcement and here it is ,
to say we are pleased with this is an understatement to say the least ,
We have just signed massive rap artist
JayTrilogy his music is explicit so be warned but the beat the sound is second to none ,those of you into rap will lovethis and those that aint well you will be the same as me and say hey the music is awesome ,and want to know more about it ,
well please Welcome to DJSR

Jay Trilogy (born. Colordo McHugh) is an American rap/hip hop artist and songwriter. Active since 2007, locally releasing mixtapes, performances on the Apollo Theatre (Harlem, NY - NBC Television) and clubs throughout New York City and signing his first independent record deal, Jay was well on his way to making a name for himself within Hip Hop. However, it was not until 2014 that he officially released his debut EP 'God Of Brooklyn' under the moniker ‘Tai Hustle’. The 9 track project was well received with tracks like “Carmelo Anthony” an Ode to the legendary NBA basketball star player Carmelo Anthony in celebration of the 2014 game, Knicks (125) Vs. (96) Hornets in which the basketball star scored 62 points, the controversial diss track “King Of Brooklyn” and a crowd favorite, “Getting Money”. The Album received much airplay on college/internet radio across the world with “Getting Money” reaching its highest point garnering plays on radio stations like New York’s Hot97 and satellite radio SiriusXM Shade 45 with all 3 tracks receiving over 500,000 streams collectively on SoundCloud and other streaming platforms.

Jay took some time off recording to focus on growing his social media following, connecting with fans and managing the growing engagement around his EP 'God Of Brooklyn'. He then dropped his follow up EP “BrownsVille” in 2017. The Ep, 'BrownsVille' was dedicated to the people and community of Brownsville (Brooklyn, NY) solidified his place within Hip Hop as an artist to watch. Over the years Jay released several singles while focusing on the business of music and developing his brand. He then released 'In Memory of Xxxtentacion' in 2018 dedicated to the memories of Hip Hop artist Xxxtentacion who was gunned down on June 18, 2018. The project, 9 tracks varying from trap, to gangster to east cost to Emo raps with some infusion of reggae released on January 23, 2019 his strongest project to date with “Kill Me Flo” becoming a internet hit. “Kill Me Flo” the lead single, was also picked up by (a Hip Hop website founded by rapper 50 Cent) and re-posted by Adam 22 (Host of the hit podcast 'No Jumper') achieving almost 300,000 plus views on Twitter alone, album sales and thousands of streams on Spotify and other streaming platforms.

Coming off the success of ‘In Memory Of Xxxtentacion’ and hit single “Kill Me Flo” Jay decided that he would update the album and re-release it under his new official moniker Jay Trilogy on Dr. Johns Surgery Records, a UK based record label he signed to March of 2020. “You move different when you believe in yourself and I believe in myself. This is only the beginning of Greatness”. - Jay Trilogy

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