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Dr Johns Surgery Records
Dr Johns Surgery Records
Hi guys series 2 episode 2 is live tonight from 7pm uk time
a mixed show featuring
Caddo Kat Sheila Clark Fox Gareth Heesom Shaun Tobar
Ryan Neville & The Midnight Blues Band @Jorg Klein @Lee Macey Samuli Federley
Mike Masser Rictus of Rage I Dont Konform
I hope you enjoy the show and spread it around to everyone as this is for getting new music and up and coming artists out there as much as possible ,
Dr John
So remember from 7pm uk time this is available and please comment on it
Dr Johns Surgery Records
Dr Johns Surgery Records
Hi Guys just to let you all know we have an amazing Country Artist joined our family , we are chuffed and honoured that he has said yes , so may i have the privilege of introducing you to
Gareth Heesom
Described as a cross between Roy Orbison and Johnny Cash, Gareth sings songs about life. The good and the bad of it all.
Growing up there was always music playing in the house, Gareth’s parents are avid music lovers. From the mainstream of The Beatles and Billy Joel to the folksiness of Ralph McTell and Tom Paxton, right to Gareth’s favourite, Don Williams with his deep country vocals.
Gareth fell in love with music and he picked up his guitar at a young age, though never too seriously. It wasn’t until he got older that he found the therapy and solace that music can bring. After spending the first couple of years trying to fit into the moulds of the local scenes, he found his own feet and voice and began growing as a songwriter.
2020 saw Gareth release 3 singles, the first of which, Hold You In My Dreams, was described as 2:46 of honest to goodness country perfection
here is a you tube link of my fav song of his absolutely love this
Dr Johns Surgery Records
Dr Johns Surgery Records
Hi guys here we go ANNOUNCEMENT TIME
we are super proud and thrilled to bring another great artist/Band to the family that is DJSR ,These are a superb Country band that you all can see live at Ilfracombes Country Festival and i am chuffed they7 have come with us
Please welcome to the Label
Country Stormz Band
One of the most exciting country rock cover bands to come out of the UK in recent years.This 7 piece band promotes a wide range of favourites to get any crowd singing along and features a comprehensive skill set of musicians including fiddle , mandolin, banjo , harmonica together with more traditional instruments.
A band of musicians with a great skill set, years of experience and one aim to put on a great show for their audience.
Country Stormz already have thousands of online fans and hope

2021 will see a return of live gigs and festivals together with some studio work to record some of their own exciting songs. Check them out on
Dr Johns Surgery Records
Dr Johns Surgery Records
Now here is a nice news story for a change ,
Our Artist
@Steven Kidwell and the Bounty Hunters latest Single
Second Fiddle is not only number 5 on the Billboard charts but has gone Gold as well what a great bit of news ,
Big Congratulations to Steve and the band
Dr Johns Surgery Records
Dr Johns Surgery Records
Hi Guys , we have some news for you ,
The Incredible Viking Queen Norways leading Metal band have announced their new line up so here it is
We present the New band member for viking queen.
Frontsinger: SJAVN ( Sonja Husebø )
Back vokal:(Miss White) Tone Elisabeth Johansen.
Guitar: Robban.
Guitar: AC ( Geir Inge sygnabere)
Bass: JORD ( Roy Sandåker)
Drums : Kim Smith
We can't wait for the new music to come out of this powerhouse of a band
Dr Johns Surgery Records
Dr Johns Surgery Records
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