Dr Johns Surgery Records
Dr Johns Surgery Records
A superb Track Featuring Gary doing a solo track onthe banks of the River
Dr Johns Surgery Records
Dr Johns Surgery Records
Dr Johns Surgery Records
Just to follow on from the Announcement i thought you might like watch and hear a video from Gary Porter
Dr Johns Surgery Records
Dr Johns Surgery Records
lol we seem to be doing a lot of these lately but this one is in my mind a bit special ,
we are proud and extremly exited to have this artist sign with us , His band for the album is rather special as well
please could you welcome Gary Porter to the DJSR Family
we will be releasing his new album MADE IN TEXAS on the DJSR Country side very soon ,it is seriously one not to be missed so keep your eyes and ears open for the release date
Dr Johns Surgery Records
Dr Johns Surgery Records
WE ARE EXTREMLY PROUD AND PLEASED TO HAVE SIGNED TO our new section of the Label Dr Johns Surgery Records Country
Canadian Country Star
Troy Toma please make him welcome please as i know you will and look forward to his music coming very soon
Troy Toma
Troy Toma is a singer, songwriter and performer. After high school all he wanted to do is play his guitar so enrolled in college where he studied classical guitar for 3 years. Since then he has been teaching, writing, performing and sharing his love for music. In the past 6 years he has released 3 CD’s and 2 Singles, Prairie Fire and his latest Beer Bongs And Country Songs, which has recently been released to radio. Usually Troy is found playing live solo acoustic or full band in BC and other parts of Canada. For more info. Check out his website at
Dr Johns Surgery Records
Dr Johns Surgery Records
Morning Guys ,
I know i am early but i like announcing big things for the Label
we are honoured and privileged to have this brilliant new Band join us i am sure you all make them feel welcome

here is a small Bio about one of our new signings
Portobello Express

Deeply rooted in the West Coast sound and the British R’n’B boom, with a predilection also for Gospel and Heavy Rock tunes, Portobello Express is a Psychedelic Blues Band from Vienna.

Songwriter Happy Betty is a passionate bass player with the dream of forming a band but snowed down with work life and studying, the idea was nearly lost.

She was joined in 2015 by Patrick “Slowhand” - a Rhythm ‘n’ Blues local legend- and Danny Bianchi with his deep dark jumping bass playing style. With nobody suitable to sing, Happy Betty step up and Portobello Express was born.

After touring Europe with great success, they release their first single “Be Blues/ The Devil is Dead” in 2017 and have since released an EP “2-3-4!” (2018) and a single on vinyl “The Sea Rises/ Sigh” (2019).
In 2020 the band have also released unplugged tracks of “I Wanna Break You”, “2-3-4!” and “The Sea Rises”.

Get ready for loads of guitar riffs, heavy bass lines, dynamic vocals and unconventional lyrics.
The band’s captivating, high-energy performances will transport audiences back in the old-school Rock tradition.

Find them on:

Dr Johns Surgery Records
Dr Johns Surgery Records
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