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Dr Johns Surgery Records
Dr Johns Surgery Records
Hi guys Tonights TV show with the feature being on the Country artists playing the Ilfracombe Country Music Festival in September
Dr Johns Surgery Records
Dr Johns Surgery Records
come and watch now live and this is a special with solely Nativ american music absolutely superb
Dr Johns Surgery Records
Dr Johns Surgery Records
Morning guys we are extremely pleased to announce a new addition to the label
A new UK based Country folk Artist with a great band behind him called Buskers Cat
Please welcome to the Label
@Dean Robbins
Have a listen to his music here with a track called the River
Dr Johns Surgery Records
Dr Johns Surgery Records
Tonights amazing show here is the link to watch this special featuring Native American Music solely ranging from pow wow to flute to country to metal all music by Native Americans absolutely
Incredible and with my special Guest Host Shawn Micheal Perry,
One not to be missed
Live Broadcast 7pm UK Time and don't forget our clocks havn't changed as yet
Thurs 18th March:
Dr Johns Surgery Records
Dr Johns Surgery Records
Well guys , we have some amazing tracks to tell you about that are released today
so first off and 1that is going to really hit the Country rock world andthe country world by storm from today
Ameri Shayes Fan Group / Samuli Federley
Rescue Me' by Ameri Shaye ft Samuli Federley
Written by Ameri Shaye and Samuli Federley

'Rescue Me' is a brilliant new track from 15 year old Ameri Shaye and features music by Samuli Federley. Ameri Shaye has been thrilled to not only test the waters with more of a Rock vibe but to do it with such a personal song. '

"Rescue Me' is about the overwhelming anxiety people suffer, including myself. I think on different levels we all think we are not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough and that is where anxiety will unfortunately take it's opportunity to creep in. 'Rescue Me' is a song about trying to save myself in those anxious moments. Looking myself in the mirror and saying you are good, you are smart, you are beautiful. We all need rescued at some point for some reason. Sometimes we need to have the strength inside and Rescue ourselves."

The emotional power brought to this song from not only Ameri Shaye's vocals but Samuli Federley's intense depiction of the topic is a match like no other.
Seriously go listen now and share this all over
promotion by @IMC promotions so expect this on a radio station near you