Dr Johns Surgery Records
Dr Johns Surgery Records
Last Nights Brilliant Rock Chart Show
the voting for the top single will be up soon but in the meantime have a listen to some great music from the unsigned and new rockworld
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Dr Johns Surgery Records
Dr Johns Surgery Records
Hey guys how about this from one of our superb Artists
Congratulations to Mike Masser on his award
Dr Johns Surgery Records
Mike Masser
Thank you WSA for this award! I am truly honored. Dirtbag Clothing John Forster Tina Watkins Sam Watkins Ron Gerring #wearittillitstinks #dirtbag #drjohnssugeryrecords #itnsradio #onlyrockradio #kbradio #midnightmadness
Dr Johns Surgery Records
Dr Johns Surgery Records
Hi guys tommorows show as you know is a Rock Chart Show
Dr Johns Unsigned Rock Surgery live on Surgery Records Radio Radio Shepton @isolation Radio
from 6pm uk time 1pm est 11pm Bangladesh time
The first hour will be a mix of different bands and teh last 2 hours will the Chart Show
so here is the playlist more may be added before the show starts tmrw


Michael Tiffany , Metal Mayhem
Southbound Live Christel Brooks
Crawling Solo I Drink Your Blood
My Design My Last Days

Hammer of the Oz The Fly
Capulus Apologies
Persoma Dont you take it From Me
Scarsun Reason
Station Island - Sore Eyes,
cucaracha Hogans Goat
Trip Wizard All in my Head
the Ancient Unknown Jesus Christ
Empty Friend You are Not The Sun
The Bangalore Torpedoes No More Sleep
Conspires To Judgement Day
Oshie Castle Bravo
Lee Macey Disturbance
Surrge In The Eye of the Viper
Gone Savage Bullet Proof
Angel Desvio Joven Indio
John D Revelator Head Held High
Bob Brown Matchbox
Kingsmead New Beginnings
Investigator Livin in a magazine
The Guillotines Bojo the Clown
Hellrazer Ancient Fire
Mike Masser Let it Ride
Smoke Healer Flat Black cars)
Aeternom Final Warning
live on the chatroom at
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#metal #drjohnsunsignedrocksurgery #electricguitar #unsignedmusic
#unsignedartists #greatmusic #chatroom
Dr Johns Surgery Records
Dr Johns Surgery Records
Hi Guys Released Today on
Country Artist
Duane Watson and his first AWESOME EP
Dr Johns Surgery Records
Dr Johns Surgery Records
hi guys ,i am going to change the show, reason most of you do not stick to the requirements so i have decided to change it ,
i am going to do a chart show for seperate genres the first one will be Rock ,
How it will work will be this ,
Max first show of 36 tracks ( you choose your own track and send in mp3 to there will be 5 independent judges that will drop that down to 20 ,each of the 20 selected or judged track will be posted on our platform then it is up to you to let your fans know it is on there ,2 weeks of voting by your fans etc will give us a top 20 and the winner will be released as a single worldwide through Surgery Records
1st one will be this tuesday and it will be ROCK so wantto be on it follow the instructions in this post and i look forward to doing this
Dr John
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